The CV

Bastet – A Life in Design

I grew up in Czechoslovakia, I was a kind of deviant Pippi Longstocking: a bit of a drop-out, always off on some adventure.

After school I moved to Germany, swept up in the heady late 60´s culture of sex and drugs and rock´n´roll, which really captured my imagination and strongly appeald to my creative side.

Somehow I survived the excesses of all that and found myself in London in the era of punk, New Wave and Space-Age. I was 24 and for the first time I felt the stirrings of ambition. Of course, it had to change the world !

Well I really was in the right place at the right time! I became a very autocratic fashion designer and created a new world of glamour, that was both modernist and futurist at the same time. Somehow it reflected the Zeitgeist of that era. My passion and vision attracted a sponsor and in 1980 I opend my first very grand Bastet salon in central London.

Even the futuristic interior design of the shop, which I had also created, cause quite a furore.

My new fashion design notion, that created stars of everybody, spread quickly around town- soon I was the designer and stylist for a lot of show-business personalities. The Bastet brand was such a success that within ten years we had opend three more salons.

But then came globalisation and the market abruptly changed. The small productions runs of high street shops in Europe could not compete with the cheap products of the mass market. With all this economic stress and the global “dumbing down” of fashion, I felt I  had enough of the business. I closed the doors of the Bastet salons and workrooms. With some regret, I said farewell to my wonderful employees and the loyal regular customers.

But for me personally a new era of creativity had began. Photography.

As a designer I had worked with fabric and composition. Now I created with light, perspective and composition. This has been equally exciting and challenging! I feel that my talent and instinct for elegance and glamour shows in every picture i create.

Since 2000 I´ve been living back in Germany-in Frankfurt.

But now  I feel a change of direction-back to the future! The contemporary “Zeitgeist” is provoking new visions of avant-garde designs.

I feel that now 2013 is the time to update the everyday appearance of the human race-adapt their antiquated dress conventions to the contours and spirit of modern architecture. It seems there is that cosmic resonance stirring in me again.

It is time – “Matrix Reloaded” can begin !