F u t u r i s m u s

Coinciding with the great astronomical change in 1906 from the 2000 years to the pisces age the New Aeon of Aquarius combined with the element air is associated with a gigantic change in the consciousness of mankind. After hundreds of years of futile attempts to fly through the air, it was suddenly achieved. Electricity was invented, and the light went on. Only these two examples and their symbolism show what is going on. Man stands at the beginning of an evolutionary survey and enlightenment phase. The transparency of the air element enables us with true ease to recognise the laws of nature which open up enormous new possibilities for humanity. Scientists, inventors, philosophers, mystics, artists were caught up by this new wave of energy, and with great enthusiasm, the idea of Futurism was born.

The 33 year old italian writer and poet Filippo Tommaso Marinetti coined the term in 1909. He also created the word avantgarde. In a manifesto he founded the Futurist movement.

 Formulas of Motion
To fight Neutralism

 The famous sculpture from 1913 by Umberto Boccioni the „Unique form of continuity in space“ that can be seen today on the Italian 20 euro coin, found style recognition throughout the world.

 From the 1920s this new style and ideology has been taken up by various cultural fields such as architecture, film, theater, furniture, jewellery and fabrics throughout Europe. As in 1927 the film by Fritz Lang Metropolis, or 1925 in the first modern architectural designs of Mies van der Rohe and Le Corbusier 1930. With the inspiration of the transparancy of glass. Even the Weimar Bauhaus has dedicated itself to the technical, industrial progress, with the conviction, that it will bring a safer and easier life to the people.

 Futurism was the germ of the New World

Since that time, the movement runs parallel with other contemporary phenomena, and flares up again and again and is constantly evolving.

 Then in 1957, only two generations after the first successful flight across the English Channel in 1909, came with the Sputnic the first step into the cosmos. To crown the first galactic adventure was the moonlanding on the 17. July 1969. At this time the first computers were used in the economy.

In the 1960s, the film industry took up this issue and it is still going on in 2013 without interruption. Like „Star Trek“ „Enterprise“ in 1965. Stanley Kubrick´s sci-fi film 2001: A Space Odyssey“ in 1968. „Star Wars“ in 1977, which has brought 20 billion dollars in merchandising in 30 years. „Stargate“ of 1994, has become like „Star Trek“ a TV series that can be seen worldwide regulary until today.

Even in clothing the „Space Age Look“ can be seen since the 1960s. With the new synthetic materials that have enabeld designers such as Pierre Cardin, André Courréges, the inventor of the futuristic fashion, to make these symmetrical shapes. Then followed by Paco Rabanne, who created the costumes for Barbarella. Then Thierry Mugler, Jean-Paul Gaultier in the 70s. Bastet in the 80s. Here are only a few mentiond who have still today a great impact on our lifestyle.

With the electronic age, the ubiquity of computers and the Internet, Futurism has found the ideal platform to create a whole New Future.

 The New Age

 None of these early pioneers could have dream that only two generations later we not only fly through our planet´s atmosphere, but led them to explore the universe, and the universe is revealed to us. The third and fourth generation is already living in the space age. If futurism has served until now only as a harbinger, it has now arrived:in the future. A future, that has not jet been experienced by humanity until now.

We are the fourth generation, and we should be aware of the responsibility. Not contribute to the error of the first steps, the first euphoria about these new inventions, but shape a new consciousness based on humanity and respect for our planet. The New Golden Age is before us, and we should explore and encourage its ultimate potential.

I personally feel responsibl. My contribution was lifestyle-design, when i was in London in the 80s inspirat young people. I will now continue reawake a new awareness of future aesthetics. Beginning with the collection FuTuRobe.

Instead of being just a passive consumer of this new futurism, and by now even blase, because of the masses of input through the virtual world, it should be infused into real life. This New Age should be lifestyle and ideology.

For 30 years architecture has been at the forefront. However when you look at the people in every walk of life they are time locked with their clothing in the 19th century, these jeans, which for 50 years were the symbol of „being cool“,wether male, female, child, old or young. It is accepted on every social level on any occasion. What a oreary picture everywhere! Also suits and shirts that have not changed since 1920, and are seen as a symbol of integrity and good taste!!

My dear fellow man and designers, for everyday clothing i have something more contemporary and more original in mind.We should be aware, that after 2012 a new era in human history will begin, with new possibilities which were unthinkable and unimaginable before.
We should great this New Future accordingly!

Who belongs to the New Saphiens?
Who`s ready for New Topia?

Bastet von den Sternen

 The Fashionable Future Now